CryoCare The Cold Brush

259.99 CAD

Professional Features:

  • Rapidly generates extreme cold temperatures to 0°C
  • Thermoelectric cooler rapidly generates extreme cold temperatures
  • The cold plate is coated with Nano Titanium making the plate surface smooth for effortless glide through the hair.  Friction is minimized for gentle brushing
  • Dual lon-life brushless motors and face accelerate the cold temperature to the plate, while dissipating any heat out of the back
  • Advanced, high-output ion generator produces millions of ions for enhanced, frizz-free shine and less static electricity
  • 90 metal bristles help to detangle and align hair strands when the Cold Brush is passed through the hair
  • 9ft fabric wrapped power cord with 360° swivel to help to ensure ultimate usability without getting tangled